Although Lyrit is an avid performer, teaching and educating are also a crucial part of her life, as she believes that providing easily accessible music to everyone, regardless of their age, ability or life circumstances, is essential. Lyrit teaches violin and piano privately in London; however she has also been involved with outreach projects all over the world to bring music to a variety of communities.

During her time in the Orchestra of the Americas, she taught violin and led workshops in underprivileged communities in Chile, Argentina and Brazil. With the LSO Discovery programme, Lyrit has worked with children and adults with disabilities both in musical workshops and in a classroom setting. She has also played in hospitals, and participated on numerous occasions in the LSO early years musical workshops.

Lyrit is a seasoned recording artist as well, having played on numerous occasions in sessions at Abbey Road and Angel studios, among others. She works regularly with the Guildhall Session Orchestra, as well as for screen composer Joaquim Badia, and has recorded for grime artist Sway DaSafo. She has recorded for various films, TV shows and documentaries, including Netflix and HBO.

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